21 November 2009

Cheerleading - 7th Birthday

Pompoms!! The embellishments are all fondant/gumpaste. The "Happy Birthday" I painted on there with a mixture consisting of edible glitter/sparkles and extract. This cake is covered in a burgundy buttercream frosting. I used a 10" square pan and a 6" round pan.

These letters, a challenge! As you can tell by my funny "D". Made of fondant.

My wonderful, creative husband gets the credit for the flowers coming out of the bullhorn! Which is by far, my favorite part of the cake!

This was my very first human! And I promise, it's way harder then it looks! I learned a lot from this little girl, the next one will be better (and smaller, she's huge)!

Rainbow cake - white cake with added color. Very easy to do, just time consuming and requires lots of dishes! Works better on round cakes, the colors come out equal in size. Alternate order of colors with each layer of cake.

Garden for Destiny WOC

Everything besides the wire holding the stars up is editable! This was a black and white cake, two tiers, two layers per tier. I didn't have the time I needed to finish this cake. There was suppose to be a bee in the sky and a moon. And I made the mistake of not making my sun big enough, at all. I also intended for more stars. This is covered in my Marshmallow Fondant, the embellishments are made using white fondant, and the filling, and grass, is buttercream frosting.